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AMANDA - Honor student and daughter of an accomplished professor that discouraged her from attaining higher education.

DEBBIE Honor student and daughter of an accomplished professor that discouraged her from attaining higher education.

LEESA is from a small town in Australia, she's a third generation born-in Jehovah's Witness and had an intergenerational tradition of obeying the child abuse policies dictated from the governing body in the USA. 

JENNIFER - Learn about how one couple and their young son lost their family for choosing to use independent thinking to make wise choices for their own well being. 

Kassie Meyer Overcoming Clinical Depression

Carrie Bee Experiencing extreme shunning from her parents

Author, Paradise Bound

Brenda Lee Experiencing extreme shunning from her family
Author, Out of the Cocoon

Ronnie "C" The challenges of being single

Susan Gaskin​​ Disfellowshipped without cause

Joy Grant Shares experiences from the old school of  watchtower

Mary Lynn Jones Victim of Domestic Abuse

Robin from What's Up Watchtower

Robin and her husband Mike are online activists – helping individuals to learn the truth about the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society.

You can view their videos on YouTube on the channel What’s Up Watchtower!

Demiera​​ In this interview, Lady Cee speaks with a young lady that was on a Watchtower fast track and was looking to further her opportunities to reach out from within the organization. And then it all came crumbling down like a ton of bricks.

Hidden Struggles

Life is not always about the RICH and FAMOUS. It's about the millions of people that really make a difference and that is YOU. Yes, you...because you have a voice and a story to tell. In most instances, your stories resonate better than any other ever told, but because you don't have fame associated with your life experiences, no one is willing to share our story. Well, if you fit that category, you've come to the right place!

Becoming part of this growing audience is like getting an education without going through the experience! This channel allows women and men to share life experiences where they can network and motivate others in their endeavors to attain success. It is also geared towards helping those that find themselves struggling to overcome abusive relationships, climb the corporate ladder to success and for those just trying to discover themselves. Listening to the stories and how individuals overcame them will help you become aware of issues you never knew existed. Don't be shy, come on out and share your experiences or be take a seat in our audience and cheer the guests on.

Get an education without going through the experience!

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"I would rather have questions that can't be answered, than answers that can't be questioned"

- Richard Feynman