"I would rather have questions that can't be answered, than answers that can't be questioned"

- Richard Feynman

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I watched several of your videos and enjoyed them enormously.  I like your speaking style and how you have so much good, practical advice to give.  Nowadays, there is too much advice that is neither, so yours is refreshing.

​NANCY Says:

Hi JT & Lady Cee, I recently came across your youtube channel and want to thank you for the video you did a couple of months ago on single sisters. I have been awake for around the past year, but am still in for family reasons. I am in my early 30s and still single. Although with what i know now, being awake, i cannot think of anything worse than marrying a brother (i hope to eventually be free of the organisation), but your comments still really hit home about how we are told as single sisters that there is something wrong with us. I have always hated that feeling. 


I came across your podcast by accident this morning. I have been listening to it the entire day, I may have to replay all episodes a few times the more I listen the more my own troubles make sense, yes I have been a JW since I was nine I was baptized at the age of 11 (1989) and it has ruined my life on so many levels.

​CINDY Says:

Hello JT & Lady Cee! I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that after watching the video "True Friends at the Kingdom Hall...", I had to share with you that you are absolutely CORRECT. I studied with the JWs for nearly two years and I was VERY active, attending meetings, conventions and assemblies with my Bible Study Conductors. And I can tell you that everything you said is absolutely true. Yes! My husband and I were "assessed" for our standing in the world. The only reason we were treated as nicely as we were is because we were both educated professionals. We were invited to many gatherings (homes of and dinner with prominent elders and circuit overseers) simply because of our material standing. These people were so comfortable with me (because they were sure I was a shoe-in for baptism), that they talked about other "brothers" and "sisters" to me in the most negative fashion. Bottom line, it wasn't their theology that turned me off, it was their unloving disposition. The JWs are a classic example of the old fable, "The Emperor's New Clothes." JWs are naked, with no clothes, and they're the only ones who don't know it. If you ever need an observation from a Bible Study Student (former), I'm your girl. Thanks for reading! 


I really enjoy your you tube videos, very professional & informative. You two are very unique, you very seldom have both partners leave the organization together. I'm happy for you both.

SCOTT Says:​

Love Your Work Folks!
Greetings I'm a fader and have not been disfellowshiped. I just can't take it anymore. It is the loneliest place to be if you aren't in the club or in someone's family. It most certainly is NOT 'the best life ever'!


Diversity Amongst Governing Body
Hello,  I was a former unbaptized publisher for several years before I decided to leave the faith. One of the reasons I decided to leave was due to my observation that the Governing Body of the anointed faithful and discreet slave class was populated by majority white males. I recall only meeting one brother of African-American descent in the Governing Body class, I believe his name was Samuel Herd. Upon reflection, I never understood why a religion that professed to be diverse, with a diversity of languages and people, was not as diverse amongst the Governing Body membership. I do not recall there ever being a brother of Asian descent or Hispanic/Latino in that class. I would love any insight as to why that was and currently is the case. Why isn't the Governing Body a reflection of the diversity of members within its organization ? 

​BILL Says:

Came across your site today and listened to a few of your Youtube Presentation. Couldn't believe what I was hearing. All the things that I thought about for the latter half of my 35 years in. It has taken me 7 years so far to pull myself together. Im getting there but I didn't realize how indoctrinated I was. I still have some flashbacks and nightmare and GUILT but I'm doing much better now. Hope to hear from you soon. thank you 


I am so glad I found your YouTube channel... So informative... Everything you say is so on point ...my whole entire family are still witnesses except for my sister and I. I just wanna thank you for having a channel that shows open mindedness and serious logical and critical thinking 

​​NATHAN Says:

Hi JT and Lady Cee - I just want to say thanks for the amazing videos and the work you are doing it really is appreciated. I started to have doubts about 5 years ago as I felt there was no love in the congregations we had both been in over the years. My wife felt the same way too but still believed everything was the truth. Then 2 years ago we moved house about an hour away from where we were living and decided to fade and we haven't been to a meeting since. We both agreed that the lack of love, the JW TV and videos and all the changes were just too strange and totally against everything we were raised to believe. Then the Australian Royal Commission was the last straw. I read Ray Franz's books and relayed as much info as possible to my wife and now we are both fully awake. Anyway we wanted to send our love to you both and to say that your videos really helped us a great deal and thanks very much for all you do. 

​​VINA Says:

I haven't been to the meetings but ONE time this year. I am learning a lot about the Watchtower Society and what really angers me is the coverup with the pedophiles. Also, the fact that we have to "obey" the faithful and discreet slave class. Nobody (meaning elders) have contacted me about my "absence" yet. I do believe in God and feel that I have to answer to Him and not the elders. I don't have family who are JWs and less than three associates who are JWs so if I become disfellowshipped, it's not big loss. 


I realized years ago that my panic disorder and my depression was partially linked to being one of Jehovah's Witnesses (the constant fear and guilt), as well as my parents' and sister's rigid adherence to the belief system. 


Hi folks, I have started to watch your videos/other videos recently...wow. What has led me to your videos is that JWs have been visiting me for a few months and we got on the subject of what they call 'false religion'. They invited me to watch an episode of what I guess is a tv program or something of the sorts on their website and I watched an episode from an older man who was talking about how many religions are involved with Scandals of Child Abuse cover up. I went to google/youtube and wanted to look up more information on this subject....I could not believe what I found. Scores and scores of news related articles on Child Abuse Cover up in the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves. I understand that just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it's true, but this wasn't the case at all. I'm talking about actual court cases, documents, etc. that prove Millions and Millions of dollars Jehovah's Witnesses have paid out in Child Abuse cases. I was taken to the Australia Royal Commission's website and saw what was happening there, have recently seen a report from investigator Trey Bundy, the work of Attorney Irwin Zalkin and what he's dealing with, etc.


I just recently started to do research on being disfellowship. Because I feel like I want to worship some where but was feeling guilty about going to church. Up until just a few months ago I've been feeling that i want to go worship. I tried to go to the kingdom hall where I moved to but it is so hard to go somewhere when you feel like dirt. So just started to think that God is a loving God so why would he want me to feel that way. I read an article about this and just been doing more and more research and it's hard for me to stop. Because what I am hearing makes so much sense. And I am still trying to find myself. I always felt that what they said about higher education didn't sit well with me. But I am so glad that I found your website and your information. Thank you guys so much. Now I can start trying to live my life without guilt. 


Hi, I really love your videos because they say everything I ever thought or felt about being a part of the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

​KATY Says:

I am not a JW but the man I am dating now is. I am doing as much research as I can at this point (from both sides) Thank you for these videos, they are very helpful.


Good morning to you both! I woke up several months ago and I MUST tell you how helpful and informative your videos were in that process! JT, your candid insight and understanding of the organization's policies and procedures and straightforward advice on how to make my own departing decision was extremely valuable! Lady Cee, your interviews and direct, probing questions made me think about my treatment while I was in the organization. It gave me a better and more realistic viewpoint of how I was problaby considered. Thank you both. Please don't stop! 


I have watched several of your videos and agree with what you presented. I have been fading for a while...  One thing I greatly appreciate is your lack of anger. The people are actually very nice. The control system is not. I wonder if you could do a video on all the positive aspects of the people and the religion. Also a comparison of JW vs extreme cult behavior. I think this would help people see where the problem is ( The attitude of superiority and infallibility). Honestly if the Governing body just said "our bad, we screwed up, and it is difficult trying to iron out all the mistakes, also we are scared" , I would say "me too! we all screw up, you are forgiven, now lets make this religion better and open the door to everyone!", Let's stop judging each other and our neighbors. Can you imagine how positive it could be, more loving , less judgmental, no fear, obligation and guilt? Real Bible study where people would be free to think. If they only had any imagination they would just say "we were wrong, we are sorry" They did help me a lot and I do not want to forget that. Just a thought, thanks for what you are doing. 


Jehovah's Witness and mental illness
Hi my friend thanks for informing us to your personal experiences ...I am currently one of Jehovah's Witnesses and have been in for over 20 years  For the past five years I have been noticing very high levels of severe mental illness. In fact, my entire family have been affected by this. 

PAUL Says:

I have woken up about the truth. I believe in the true god but this organization, its a scam, and many of us have fallen for it. It has changed through the years. Please keep up your videos and site. Much love.

JOHN Says:

Let me begin by thanking both of you for your great videos and for taking the time to respond to comments made regarding your videos. I'm sure it must take a lot of time for you to do this, but it is certainly well appreciated! ​

​​BRADY Says:

Hi JT & Lady Cee, Your videos are very well put together. They have really helped me understand myself and the organization. My story is pretty simple i guess. Grew up Jw, got baptized at 16 to make my dad happy & because i was terrified of being killed in Armageddon.

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